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Victor is a highly rated inspirational speaker, mindset coach, & published author, with 8+ years of experience as a professional speaker & entrepreneur, leadership & money mindset coach, and 17 years in corporate leadership roles. Victor works with groups, organizations, schools, & individuals to help them get RESULTS! Expertise in: Financial literacy, Leadership, Real Estate Investing, Entrepreneurship & More.

WATCH VICTOR NOW! Tons more content on YouTube Channel- Create Your Future Self.

Better Mindset, Better Results!

Victor delivers keynote speeches and world class coaching programs covering a wide range of subjects including:

  • Financial Literacy (Get Out of Debt/Credit Improvement/Budgeting/Increasing Earnings/Saving)

  • Overcoming Adversity, Setting Goals and Achieving Goals

  • Success Mindset (Keys to being successful in many areas of life)

  • Career Advancement & Networking Guidance

  • Entrepreneurship- How to Start and Run a Successful Business

  • Real Estate Investing- How to Find, Fund & Manage Your Rental Properties

Problem Areas Solved:

It’s hard to find motivational speakers that have the knowledge, experience & provide ‘actionable tips’ for financial literacy, leadership, and how to be successful in real estate investing & entrepreneurship.

Results from Speeches & Coaching Programs:

  • Better Money Management Habits (Less Debt, Plan for Building Wealth)

  • Stronger Success Mindset to persevere as a new or struggling business owner

  • Practical guidance to invest in their 1st (or next) rental property (single-family or multifamily)

  • Better Leadership qualities to spread across their team and improve revenue and overall performance

Signature Speaking Topics
In-Person & Virtual 


  • Learn Keys for intentional thinking & changing your reality

  • Learn Financial Literacy for High Schools, Colleges & Corporations

  • One-on-One Coaching & Online Courses Available Also

  • Also, LEADING LEADERS TALK - Great for Business Leaders seeking Better Results within their Teams




  • Confronting challenges and using them to GROW

  • Learn Proven Habits that Lead to Success in Many Areas

  • One-on-One Coaching & Online Courses Available Also


  • Learn Ways to Find, Fund and Manage Rental Properties

  • Learn Keys to Starting, Funding and Managing a Business

  • One-on-One Coaching & Online Courses Available Also

Book Victor as a Speaker, here is the contact info • 844.998.1402 or 678.353.7772

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What People Are Saying..

​It is my sincere honor and pleasure to recommend Victor Johnson as a motivational speaker. I have had the privilege of engaging with Victor through different venues and seeing first-hand the passion he has for financial (e.g., credit) proficiency and inspiring those he encounters to achieve their highest potential. He and I also share a passion for the next generation. He is a willing community leader and volunteer. He does this by investing time in the classroom and other community platforms empowering individuals to be driven by a well-informed vision and goals.

David W. Trammell, MA, Financial Advisor & Planner

Victor recently partnered with our organization to host a workshop for our entrepreneurial community. Prior to the event, Victor was extremely responsive, professional and well-organized. As our featured speaker, he did an amazing job of engaging our audience and providing a host of relevant tips. I highly recommend Victor for any group looking for an energetic, motivating and informed speaker!

- Demetra Brown, Economic Opportunity Leader

Victor is an outstanding motivational speaker. His drive to help others to achieve their goals is pretty amazing. I highly recommend him as a Motivational Speaker. Victor has built his own company with coaching services. I recommend you use his services for great results.

- Liliana Torres, Senior Data Analyst

Some of Our Clients:

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Talk to Students at Eastfield college (dallas, tx) - Spring 2019

BEYOND THE BUZZ - Virtual Keynote Speaker for the dec network (dallas, tx) - Sept. 2020

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