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50 Things You Can Do to Save Money TODAY!

• Unplug all cell phone chargers, when not in use. This means unplugging all electronics like toasters,coffee makers, and Alexa, when not in use. This goes for lights as well.

• Pack lunch at least two times per week instead of eating out

• Make coffee at home instead of hitting Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or your favorite coffee shop

• Use surge protectors to plug in TVs, game systems, and chargers. When you leave the house, turn offthe surge protector (which disconnects all their energy sources at once) and then turn it back on when you get home

• Drive more slowly. Driving over 60 miles per hour burns more gas. Also, remember to use the brakesless frequently. This is another gas drainer. Please always adhere to all traffic regulations.

• Use coupons and online discounts from your favorite grocery stores. - Shop at Thrift Stores and Goodwill • Don’t overdraw your bank account. • Take a bike to work or school if at all feasible.

• Set a timer on your home thermostat. • Learn how to cook. • Adjust water heater temperature. • Cut the cord; cut cable and get Netflix, Hulu, or Firestick. • Read more often and watch less TV.

• Airbnb a spare bedroom. • Rent out garage space.

• Rent your vehicle for magnetic signage. • Stop one bad habit. • Start a legal side hustle. • Use to track spending and create a budget. • Take shorter showers.

• Work out at home instead of paying for a gym membership. • Take better care of yourself to reduce healthcare expenses. • Go to the movies during the day for matinee pricing. • Drink more water.

• Carpool.

• Fill up your tires.

• Negotiate your utility bills.

• Start contributing to your 401k (and add 1% as often as possible; every quarter if you can afford it)

- Use credit card points for travel discounts

- Sell unwanted and good conditioned items, such as furniture, electronics, jewelry, cars (I have used Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, but there are tons of places to list items for sell)

- Shop for lower rates on insurance (perhaps bundle policies for better rates), and on household utilities

- Try not to order an alcoholic beverage when you go out to eat

- Rotate dinner nights with friends

- OLD SCHOOL TIP: Boil your tap water to purify it, let it cool and put that in your water bottles. Carry those instead of buying them.

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