5 tips for relaxation

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

These tips will not only relax you but you may truly enjoy doing them.

One of the keys to living a happy, healthy and successful life, requires taking control of your thoughts. In order to control our thoughts, we must find ways to quiet the other distractions that flow in and out of our minds on a daily basis. These 10 tips will help you to find more relaxation in your life, which will help you to control the minds activities.

5 Tips for Relaxation

1) Stretching. Stretching our muscles helps to maintain our elasticity/mobility/flexibility and adds to overall health. #stretch #muscles #flexibility

2) Deep Breathing. Believe it our not, most of us rarely take a very deep breathe during the coarse of a day. A deep breathing exercise is one where you inhale slowly for about 4 seconds, and you exhale slowly for about 6 - 8 seconds. Try it for yourself. #breathing #inhale #exhale

3) Go outside. In today's society of computers, tablets, cell phones and any other 'screen' that you can think of, we sometimes forget that our body and mind naturally gravitates towards the outdoors. Take a 10-minute walk outdoors without listening to any music or looking at your cell phone. In this time, look up at the sky, the trees, notice the natural sounds of the outdoors (birds, crickets, leaves swaying, ocean sounds, etc.). This is truly relaxing. #walk #outdoors #mothernature

4) Guided Meditate. This could have been #1. With guided meditation, you are selecting a meditation video related to a topic that you would like to see MORE OF in your life. When I listen to guided meditation, I often choose 'success', 'happiness', 'prosperity', 'health'. I have found plenty of great guided meditations on YouTube (search Mel Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, or select a guided meditation topic, like 'I AM AFFIRMATIONS'). #meditation #guidedmeditation #iam #affirmations

5) Get a Massage. If your budget will allow for you to treat yourself to a professional massage, DO IT! In my area, I can pay $49 for a 1-hour massage where they will work out the 'knots' in my shoulders, kinks in my back and neck, and relieve my feet from several days of beatings. #massage #relax

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