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Victor Vonico Johnson is a keynote speaker, real estate investor, entrepreneur and certified credit consultant. He is the published author of the book, PROVEN PATHWAYS TO WEALTH & HAPPINESS- which tells the story of Victor growing up in a single-parent home with a mother that inspired hard work, determination, and helping others. During his childhood, he experienced food stamps, welfare, and public assistance. Victor knew he wanted better for himself and his mother; however, he still found himself an adult living paycheck to paycheck, with horrible credit. He spent 20+ years in leadership roles for Debt Collection Agencies. As Director, Victor was responsible for recovering more than $100 million in debt, while having a mountain of debt, and a poor credit score himself. With the right habit changes, and tons of hard work and support, he eventually transformed that life into a 7-figure rental property portfolio, and he now, maintains a credit score consistently above 760. The book outlines the exact steps that allowed him to accomplish this success over a 5-year period. Victor has also mentored dozens of employees, friends, clients and family members through their personal finance & credit challenges. 

Victor became a SPEAKER to help others overcome the financial challenges that he struggled with. As a keynote speaker, certified credit coach, and real estate investor, his passion is to create value for each client he is blessed to work with. Victor's clients consist of New York Life, Dallas County Community College District, Junior Achievement of Dallas, D.R.E.A.M. Conference, to name a few.


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Bring the knowledge and teachings of Victor Johnson into your everyday life with one of the online programs designed to improve your credit, or building a rental property portfolio to retire early. 


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Victor mentors and speaks to A SELECT FEW of individuals, groups, & audiences about how to get out of debt, grow their money, and build generational wealth through real estate and entrepreneurship, and much more!

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Proven Pathways to Wealth & Happiness

Learn ACTIONABLE steps to achieve your GREATEST SELF with Victor Johnson's book, "Proven Pathways to Wealth & Happiness"

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Overcoming Adversities to Achieve Financial Success

  • Adopting a Money Mindset

  • Credit Score Education

  • Speaking/Visualize Goals into Existence

  • Daily Habits

  • Proper Growth Environment

  • Belief & Action

Real Estate Investing to Build Long-Term Wealth

  • How to Fund a Rental Property Investment

  • How to Evaluate Great Rental Properties

  • Dealing with Rehab and Renovations

  • Building a WINNING Team

  • Marketing and Screening Tenants

  • Creating Monthly PASSIVE INCOME 

  • Creating Generational Wealth

Entrepreneurship - I'm The Boss, Now What?

  • Review Personal Finances and Credit

  • Plan Ahead - Before Leaving W-2 Life

  • Do Thorough Research

  • Business Planning

  • Network, Network, Network

Leadership For Young Adults

  • Commitment and Patience to Teach/Train

  • Clear Communication

  • Understanding the Teams Strengths/Weaknesses

  • Clear Vision & Flexibility

  • Trust in Team Members


Testimonial by Frank Mesina from Victor Vonico Johnson's Keynote Speech at New York Life - Frisco, TX (8.29.19)

Testimonial by Eastfield College Leadership from Victor Vonico Johnson's Keynote Speech - Super Heroes Amongst Us, Mesquite, TX

Testimony_ from Dr. Bledsoe at Keynote- Male Initiative Summit - Spring 2019

Testimony from Tierra Destiny of TDR Brands International - Summer 2019

Testimony from Marques Ogden - Former NFL Player / Inspirational Speaker and Coach- Summer 2019

It is my sincere honor and pleasure to recommend Victor Johnson as a credit coach and motivational speaker. I have the privilege of engaging with Victor through different venues and seeing first-hand the passion he has for financial (e.g., credit) proficiency and inspiring those he encounters to achieve their highest potential. He and I also share a passion for the next generation. He is a willing community leader and volunteer. He does this by investing time in the classroom and other community platforms empowering individuals to be driven by a well-informed vision and goals.

David W. Trammell, MA, PMP

Financial Advisor | Planner | Fiduciary

Words cannot express how WONDERFUL and INSPIRING Victor has been as a volunteer for the JA Career Speaker Series program at Junior Achievement of Dallas. Visiting schools in both Mesquite and Duncanville, Victor inspired over 100 students toward reaching their life goals. Using his personal story as a reference point, Victor taught students about careers in real estate and making wise financial decisions. In addition, Victor became REALLY popular on the subject of entrepreneurship using his expertise to help students create effective business plans. He is certainly a dynamic and truly impactful speaker. We are so grateful to have him as a JA volunteer!


Keshia Bruno

Education Manager at Junior Achievement of Dallas



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