Set Goals with clear expectations in mind... expect success!
- Victor Vonico Johnson

My Story

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Victor Vonico Johnson has talents as a Real Estate Investor, an Inspirational Speaker, Published Author, Credit Coach, Serial Entrepreneur and Financial Wellness Coach that spent 20+ years in leadership roles for Debt Collection Agencies & Call Centers. During that time, he was responsible for managing 100’s of people, dozens of vendors and implementing tons of systems, while collecting more than $100 million in debt. He has an intimate understanding of how to get the best out of people, no matter what their personality traits are, social and cultural backgrounds are, nor what their economic status is.

Victors’ story is one of OVERCOMING ADVERSITY as he has struggled with poor credit, living paycheck to paycheck, being repossessed, evictions, and being called by collection agencies, while he was managing one! Even while advancing in his career, he continued falling further into debt. Enough was enough, and Victor eventually changed his mindset and found a way to achieve his goals, and he turned it all around. 

Now, Victor maintains a credit score over 750, he is a successful business owner running 3 businesses, and owns multiple rental properties with his beautiful wife, Latasha. ​ It is fair to say that he ‘Created His Future Self’.

Victor educates his clients and audiences on overcoming adversity, developing a WINNING MINDSET, introduces many to real estate investing, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. His clients have transformed their ‘defeated mentalities’, personal finances, and many have learned how to build wealth by purchasing investment properties. ​



He is the published author of the book, PROVEN PATHWAYS TO WEALTH & HAPPINESS- which tells the story of Victor growing up in a single-parent home- BROKE. Later, as an adult he lived paycheck to paycheck with horrible credit. He walks the reader through the exact steps that transformed his mindset, helped him attract better outcomes, got him out of debt, increased his earnings, and outlines how he purchased his 1st rental property, which led to a 7-figure real estate portfolio, and has a credit score consistently over 750. Victor has also mentored dozens of employees, friends, clients, and family members through their personal finance & credit challenges, helped with career guidance, starting businesses, and become real estate investors.

Today, besides his busy speaking schedule, Victor is the founder of Nico Don Projects LLC, a mentoring company, he is the Senior Managing Partner of 555 Equity LLC, a Carrollton TX real estate investment company, and serves as a partner and course creator for Own Your Business Mastery

Victor believes that we all have the ability to Create Our Future Self; in our personal life and our business life. When you bring Victor Vonico Johnson to share his inspirational, customized message, they will all be ready to take action, after the standing ovation!

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