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providing leadership, Success Mindset & financial literacy coaching to schools, businesses, & growing entrepreneurs!

What if you could run a successful business and increase your business revenue?

What if you could transition from the life you have to the one you truly want to live?

What if you could stop living paycheck to paycheck, get out of debt and start generating passive income?

What if you could build a profitable rental property portfolio?

It's hard to make these TRANSFORMATIONS, but Victor Vonico Johnson has done it for himself and many others over the span of his career.

Through Dynamic and Charismatic Keynote Speeches, RESULTS-DRIVEN, WORLD CLASS coaching programs, and practical books and courses, you too can CREATE YOUR FUTURE SELF!

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Victor Johnson is your go-to dynamic, inspirational & motivational speaker, published author, mindset coach and facilitator for in-person and virtual keynotes & workshops. A former corporate call center director, Victor's engaging presentations are based on original research, more than 17 years of experience in speaking, leading and developing leaders, and over 8 years as an entrepreneur, real estate investor and business leader.
Victor also takes his personal struggles of transitioning from living paycheck to paycheck and having a credit score in the low 500's, to becoming a successful entrepreneur, growing a rental property portfolio in multiple states, maintaining a 750+ credit score, and helping his clients and audiences overcome their mindset obstacles.

Better Mindset, Better Results!

Victor delivers keynote speeches and world class coaching programs covering a wide range of subjects including:

  • Financial Literacy (Get Out of Debt/Credit Improvement/Budgeting/Increasing Earnings/Saving)

  • Overcoming Adversity, Setting Goals and Achieving Goals

  • Success Mindset (Keys to being successful in many areas of life)

  • Career Advancement & Networking Guidance

  • Entrepreneurship- How to Start and Run a Successful Business

  • Real Estate Investing- How to Find, Fund & Your Rental Properties


Results from Speeches & Coaching Programs:

  • Better Money Management Habits (Less Debt, Plan for Building Wealth)

  • Stronger Success Mindset to persevere as a new or struggling business owner

  • Practical guidance to invest in their 1st (or next) rental property (single-family or multifamily)

  • Better Leadership qualities to spread across their team and improve revenue and overall performance

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Have YOU ever struggled with doubts, fears, poor credit, limited resources, and having a poor outlook towards life?

This book will help the reader develop the correct approach to tackle these doubts and fears and help develop realistic obtainable skills to overcome those shortcomings. You will also learn how he did his 1st rental property transaction (start to finish).

Real Estate Investing Course

Are YOU a supervisor, manager, professional, or entrepreneur that works long hours, has a very demanding schedule, and would like to increase YOUR earnings WITHOUT trading more hours for dollars? 
Investing in Long-Term, Mid-Term or Short-Term Rental Properties is a GREAT way to generate PASSIVE INCOME!

We will walk YOU through each step of the way in this Rental Property Investing Program. Victor also teaches other strategies for earning money through real estate.

1- on -1 Coaching

Nico Don Projects is a company that mentors and shares experiences with a select few individuals, groups, and audiences. Learn how to build a WINNING MINDSET, get out of debt, grow your money, and build generational wealth. Create your future through real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and much more!
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What People Are Saying..

“Mr. Victor Johnson has helped me become more financial literate through his mentoring and simply being a role model. He’s personally coached me and my team with sound advice when it comes to real estate investing strategies in which we’re able to use immediately with acquiring one of our properties. Vic is the real deal and will be able to assist any individual or team be more fiscally equipped to live the life of their dreams! He’s living proof of his own advice! What more do you need?” V/R, Sain-R Edwards Jr., Master Chief, U.S. Coast Guard

"Victor is a true leader and role model for our youth. Victor volunteered to be a guest speaker for my youth leadership program. Victor discussed his personal journey, shared finance tips, and explained how to invest in real estate. My students easily connected with Victor and enjoyed discussing the topics he shared with them and they also asked plenty of questions. If you are considering working with Victor you are getting a true professional that will be a great example for your students." Derrick Wesley, Founder of iMar Learning Solutions & Seedlyng Financial Education

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